January 2015 Updates & An Introduction

8971568210_d5b1ddc8f5_oThis blog will be a conscious effort to keep end-users and the general Georgia Tech community knowledgeable of the status, progress, and future of the PWP service.

Our general pilot study rollout outside of the Ivan Allen College commenced in early January 2015. Those initial testers, mostly from the schools in the College of Engineering, provided invaluable feedback on end-user usage and administrative actions that were just a little fuzzy.

Based on that feedback, we have integrated some changes that should refine the PWP experience.

Changes as of January 26, 2015

  • Users added to individual PWP sites are no longer placed on WordPress purgatory in an unauthenticated state. PWP has been adjusted to auto-accept new accounts with the specified permissions, as these accounts are authenticated through the Georgia Tech Login Service.
  • Users can now request websites with dashes in the name. Please provide feedback if any quirks appear from this new functionality.
  • Documentation has been started over at the GT Webmasters website. Please feel free to add your own documentation or provide feedback on what needs documentation and guides. This documentation will be a continual effort.


We always welcome feedback.