BDA effect

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we invite you to request your review of our attached files on possible applications of Big Data Analytics and Potential Impacts of Big Data concerning Electronic Health Records(EHR). This effort is part of a study supported by the National Science Foundation, whose aims, approach, and outputs to date, are described at our “Project Overview”.
The attached short documents strive  to identify major functions of Big Data Analytics (and EHR) and how those translate into uses. We welcome your refinements to any of that content, but expressly seek your suggestions regarding potential indirect, delayed, or unintended effects (Column 4 of the Table). We also welcome ideas on possible policy and mitigation options to deter undesirable effects.

The MS Word document has the “Track Change” function on to facilitate your comments. Please indicate your comments in whatever manner is most convenient, and attach them back by email

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Alan [on behalf of my colleagues – Jan Youtie, Jianhua Liu, and Ying Guo]

Alan Porter
Professor Emeritus, Industrial & Systems Engineering, and Public Policy;
Co-Director, Program in Science, Technology & Innovation Policy (STIP)
Georgia Tech; Cell: 404-384-6295

[File 1] Potential Impacts of ‘Big Data Analytics & Uses’

[File 2] 20160106 Big Data for Health