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  • Enabling Commercially Available Acoustic Drivers Produce Sound at Frequencies beyond their Specified Frequency Range
  • Melting and Nozzle Designs for Automated Crack Sealing System
  • Clip-on” Noise-Cancellation Device
  • “Using Birds for Traffic Surveillance, Drug Interdiction, Air Quality, and Battlefield Operations”
  • Application of Commercially Available Directed Sound Devices for Localized Masking through a Sound Shower
  • Flow Control through Localized Sound and an Alternate to Headsets for listening to recorded sound
  • A computer-based dual-use speaker system for producing either a directional sound or a non-directional sound or a combination thereof.
  • A Device to Generate High Frequency Noise from Commercially Available Low Frequency Drivers
  • “Variable Perforate Sound Absorber”
  • Reduction of Propeller Noise Impinging on Aircraft Fuselage Surface Using Active Noise Control
  • A Mechanical Device to Control Mixing, Temperature, and Noise of Plumes
  • Millimeter Wave Acoustic Transducer.