Post-doctorial Fellows

  • Gu, Xiaogang; Jan. 1993 – Sept. 1993; Turbulence Measurements
  • Wiltze, John; Dec. 1993 – 1995, Turbulence Measurements and Active Control of Flows.

Ph.D. Students

  • Stoker, Robert,: Received Ph.D., 1996: Separation of noise components in the interior of a car.
  • Massey, Kevin: Received Ph.D., 1997: Flow/acoustic coupling in heated and unheated free and ducted jets
  • Mendoza, Jeff: Received Ph.D., 1997: Effects of cavity dimensions, boundary layer, and temperature on cavity noise generation and control
  • Gaeta, Richard: Received Ph.D., 1999: Acoustic impedance Absorption of sound Airplanes Turbojet engines
  • Munro, Scott: Received PhD, 2002: Noise Reduction Through Circulation Control Technology.
  • Nance, Donald: Received PhD, 2007: Separating Contributions of Small-Scale Turbulence, Large-Scale Turbulence, and Core Noise in Far-Field Exhaust Noise Measurements.
  • Nurkan Turkdogru: Received  D., 2010: Validity of the Point Source Assumption of a Rotor for Far Field Acoustic Measurements with and without Shielding
  • Aharon Karon (Current): Effect of Jet Rig Surroundings, Nozzle Exit Boundary Layer and  Reynolds Number on Jet Noise
  • Boyle, Devin (Current): Monitoring Engine Health in the presence of Volcanic Ash
  • Nick Breen (Current): Measuring Jet Noise Source Locations with Acoustic Beamforming
  • Shane Lympany (Current):Liner Technology Applicable to Rocket Combustors

M.S. Students