Professional Web Presence

Professional Web Presence is evolving to Sites @ Georgia Tech

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the PWP team will on-board the PWP service onto Sites @ Georgia Tech, the CampusPress cloud-hosting platform, starting on July 31 2020 and expand PWP’s on-demand website creation service to all faculty, staff, and students.

Preparing your PWP websites

Create a Georgia Tech website in minutes!

Need a website? Focus on the content, not the technical!

Look no further than Professional Web Presence (PWP) to build a new Georgia Tech website!

What is PWP?

Professional Web Presence (PWP) is a Georgia Tech service for WordPress websites.

PWP is available for any Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and graduate student. With PWP, you can quickly and easily create web sites for research, publications and projects, blogs, initiatives, conferences, and so much more.

PWP runs the latest version of WordPress, a content-management system used by millions of websites across the world.

Projects using PWP are able to choose from multiple configurable Georgia Tech-compliant themes and a diverse collection of plugins for additional features and integrations. All websites feature responsive design for mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes.

What websites can PWP create?

Labs & Centers

Spend less time on design and more time on research. Host your laboratory, center, or group website.

Check out examples of labs and centers:

Initiatives & Projects

Kickstart collaboration and communications with websites geared towards institutional initiatives and projects.

Check out examples of initiatives and projects:

People & Profiles

Share your work – create a campus profile website and showcase the incredible work you do.

Check out examples of people and profiles:

Create your new PWP website

Start working with PWP by creating a website today! Or, kickstart your development by cloning an existing website.

Create a new PWP website

Get stared with a clean slate with a new PWP website. Choose from a wide assortment of themes, plugins, and features. Collaborate with other Georgia Tech users. Start creating your pages and posts.

Clone an existing PWP website

Clone an existing PWP website and kickstart your website creation process.

Updates & News

Discover the latest additions, news, and updates for the Professional Web Presence service.